Winged victory goes rowing

I had a request for a proposed logo for my rowing club.  The theme was winged victory so I looked to the Louvre’s Winged Victory (the Nike of Samothrace)  and images of Kim Brennan carrying a single: At the Louvre, she has, somewhat carelessly, lost her head and arms so I added them back in adorned with a laurel wreath. The concept sketch was nike17sketch:

And then I went to the final, using ink, watercolour and japanese paper to assemble the image:

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pictures from an exhibition…

but not Mussorgski..


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Across Tidal River

I was reading a text on cubism at Wilson’s Prom and took some inspiration from its concepts in this work:


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the trouble with Pelicans..

is that they have a highly critical eye.  I met one at Adelaide zoo:

while drawing it (centre) :

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