Daphne doing a fine imitation of

a croissant

three different little images

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Dancing leaves

A watercolour yesterday near walmer footbridge in Kew. Two interested walkers were asking me what I was up to when it was in very early stages.
so I hope you have a look here you can find out how it ended up.

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Song lines

Simon has a show on at Australian galleries in Collingwood. Quirky and fun work with a pop art aesthetic nuance through linking to the place and its importance

the artist talk was well received and had two First Nations speakers on the subject. I drew them during the talk

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Harking back

This is a work from student days – from 1984 to greet 2024.
It is from a life drawing session using cutouts to create a figure. The paper work was the traced onto a canvas and painted in oils.
This reprises the works of archimboldo in assembling people from objects and Rauschenberg use of cutout images

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