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Winged victory goes rowing

I had a request for a proposed logo for my rowing club.  The theme was winged victory so I looked to the Louvre’s Winged Victory (the Nike of Samothrace)  and images of Kim Brennan carrying a single: At the Louvre, she … Continue reading

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Xmas card 2016

I thought you’d like to see this year’s card, with a large amount of pasted paper (a cubist technique with the lovely name of papier colle) and ink and wash. The photo is a bit washed as the original has … Continue reading

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Splicing a drawing together

I did two still lives of pomegranates and a pear, in waercolour and ink on paper, with papiers colle.  THey were then sliced and woven together. This is high risk.  This is where I was  a little while back.  It has … Continue reading

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rowing drawing

I havent posted for a bit, apologies, so I thought a new image of my palimpsest drawing was a start as i have been fiddling with it, to stick it together at the base:

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