A flight of ducks


Ink and wash drawing of swimming duck 2009

I did a small ink and wash drawing in sepia of a swimming duck in a muddy river. From that I developed a small series of three paintings, the veritable 1950’s icon of a flight of three plaster ducks on a wall. The last of these is most developed in terms of shape colour and form, with the duck pressing into a formed space, into a textured eau de nile toned surface. The shaped canvas used is based on an arch form and is lifted at each edge by ply forms to set a form into which the image surges.  This is a highly textured oil on linen, on a shaped canvas form 89 cm high by 96 wide, but offset top to bottom edge, riding an arc down.

The image is head on so you dont get all this at once and the picture changes as you move around it due to paralax error.

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