Sharp Pencil

A friend Joe Pascoe is a poet and my habit of drawing portraits has been replied to in poetry

Sharp pencil

for Sam Golding

Sharp pencil

Honed to a perfect cone

Breath on the lead

Exiting any shavings

Hold it like a pen

Or flat to shade

Easily done

Mind and body

Draw as you walk

Imagine scrawling out white clouds

Or lovingly compose a street

Add wiggly birds

Diminishing in flight

It’s easy

Flip the page

It might be a cat, ambitious

I have a friend who can do this

Outline, clever strokes

Textures and mood

Sam Golding

Look at the lead

Warming and rounding

Less pressure

More pressure

Light and dark

Draw more, learn more

Stones and water

The day itself

People in life

Life within trees

Sunlight through the leaves

Sharpen again

Less pointy, more forgiving

Kinder to your friends

As the black lead ages

As your pencil shortens

And the beautiful drawings pile up.

Joe Pascoe 2020

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