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Xmas card 2016

I thought you’d like to see this year’s card, with a large amount of pasted paper (a cubist technique with the lovely name of papier colle) and ink and wash. The photo is a bit washed as the original has … Continue reading

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The xmas ninjas and cat..

This is the image I developed for my xmas card.  A cunning plan was hatched to pretend to be a tree, and capture Santa.  Sorry, if Santa doesnt arrive for you.

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Operation Ho No – xmas 2013

I thought a little xmas card post would be getting into the cheer.  I have titled this one Operation Ho No, as that is what Santa would say if my children caught him (as planned).  I also like the idea … Continue reading

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preparatory sketches for cards

I was going through some sketch books and came across some drawings I had done as preparation for one of my xmas cards some years ago.  As I have already commented on the process I thought I’d just set out … Continue reading

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