Wilson’s Prom…wild woolly and with some quiet scratching away

I have just been on holidays at Wilson’s Prom.  As I grew up in Geelong our usual beach side visits have been in that general direction.  Now that we live in Melbourne we headed to the Prom.  While on holiday I did some drawings and watercolours.  We walked from Tidal river to Squeaky Beach and I drew on the way.  This became a series.  I worked in different modes, from traditional “veduta” or views of the landscape, colourist and gestural modes to post modern modes of representing space and layered forms.

Some of these photos of the drawings are just snaps and could be crisper on line and better in colour and tonal contrast.  They also don’t define scale well.

1. The Squeaky Bay series in order of drawing:

These pieces became increasingly abstract in content.

2. Veduta; by way of contast I drew in ink and wash the mouth of Tidal River:

and the Glennie Group glimpsed offshore:

3. Norman Bay;  I then did  a set of drawings around Norman Bay in a manner of “Orienteering in the Landscape”:

and again looking to Little Oberon:

and then a few more:

I also drew Oberon – calling it “Where’s Titania”:

4. Pillar Point; I also walked out on Pillar Point and drew there and then drew Pillar point itself from the beach for a small Pillar Point Series:


5. Picnic Bay; A visit  lead to a couple more drawings:




and then home.

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